I use condoms to stop HIV. That's what works for me.


Condoms have been the cornerstone of HIV and STI prevention for the past 35+ years. They still remain an important part of the prevention toolkit

Condoms and STIs

Recent research has shown that although condoms are an important option for preventing HIV and other STIs, that using condoms will not always protect you from bacterial STIs. This is because some bacterial STIs such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis can be transmitted through oral sex, rimming (oral anal contact) and even deep kissing. If you regularly use condoms to prevent HIV and other STIs It is very important to be checked regularly for your sexual health so that any STIs you might pick up can be diagnosed and treated quickly.

Condoms are an important part of HIV prevention

What else is important


  • Condoms are for single-use only.
  • If in a group sex session, use a new condom for every new partner.
  • Use condoms if sharing sex toys. Put a new condom on the toy anytime it is going from one playmate to another.
  • Oil based lubricants can affect latex based condoms so it is best to use water based lubricant.
  • Keep condoms close by the bed or keep some on you so that in the heat of the moment you can easily grab them whether you are at your place, his place, or somewhere else.

Condoms are the best protection against STIs

Where to buy condoms

Condoms, and other safe sex products, are available from the Thorne Harbour Health, at substantially discounted prices. Condoms are available in a range of sizes to accommodate your needs. Find the addresses of all of our locations here.